Walnut Tree Farm presents SURF & YOGA RETREATS – all year long

After years of collecting experience in surfing, yoga and environmental-friendly life at world-class ocean breaks and retreats over the globe, the team at Walnut Tree Farm in the western Algarve, Portugal takes a great pleasure in passing on those passions to beginners and intermediate Surfers & Yogis.

Our retreat center, beautifully located in a deep valley in the mountains near Aljezur, next to the most stunning, surfable beaches in Portugal: Amoreira, Arrifana, Monte Clerigo and Odeceixe, become a great recipe for an escape holidays for adults who enjoy a little adventure in relaxed and healthy environment.

We invite you to experience inner and outer peace through yoga and challange yourself again during surf. Rediscover flexibility, strength and energy flowing in your body. Follow healthy diet, listen to the sound of the ocean and nature, balance your thoughts and emotions. Simply, AWAKEN THE HEALTHY AND HAPPY YOU!


Enquiry your dates and let us prepare special program individually for your needs. Check:


Set in the stunning valley, Walnut Tree Farm is an eco-friendly and carbon neutral retreat place that uses the best of the old and new. Simple yet comfortable rooms with great views to the forest and mountains are situated in beautifully rennovated old Portuguese farm houses. Walnut Tree Farm contains of 22 hectars of privacy with a lake, tree house, meditation platforms hanging in the trees and the sky full of stars. The water in our taps comes directly from the mountains, as we have our own water streams at the farm. Also the energy is generated by us and comes from the sun. The houses are build with natural materials and the garden is free from pesticides. All of that creates a perfect excape destination for those who seek for great inspiration and new friendships.
We believe that practicing simple living and yoga in the middle of unspoiled nature is a great way to reconnect with yourself. Daily trips to the ocean and surfing classes will complete the experience of joyful life at the Portuguese coast.


  • Accomodation (5 nights) in private or shared rooms at beautifully rennovated old Portuguese farm house
  • 3 vegetarian & healthy meals daily: breakfasts, lunch-packs for the beach and dinners – based on the organic food from the local farmers
  • 2 hours of Yoga practice daily: invigorating in the mornings, restorative in the afternoons
  • Qualified and experienced Yoga therapist following traditional Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Daily surf lessons of 1.5hour in the morning (with insurance) and free surf in the afternoon
  • Visits of three stunning and unspoiled local beaches with the transportation
  • Patient & safe surf training from qualified international and local instructors
  • Excellent quality and range of surfboards, wetsuits, mats and blankets
  • Portuguese wine & local products tasting during your stay at the farm
  • Pick up from Aljezur (we will help you with arraning the best transportation from Lisbon or
    Faro airport to Aljezur)

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The Farm House
Private room with double bed and private bathroom: 875€/1 person (or 1450€/couple)
Private room with double bed and shared bathroom: 750€/1 person (or 1300€/couple)
Single bank-bed in shared double room: 650€/1 person

The Spirit House:
Single bed in shared double room: 750€/1 person

The Stone House
Private stone-house with double bed, kitchen and bathroom: 975€/1 person (or 1550€/couple)

ENQUIRY – contact us now to guarantee your space (max. 7 persons)!

To enquiry, write us a message with the following info:

the dates you are interested in, how many persons (with names and surnames) and accomodation type. We will get back to you shortly. After your initial enquiry, if you wish to book, a 20% deposit is required to hold any reservation.



We contract a local, fully licensed and insured Portuguese surf school to conduct our surf educational programs. Our longstanding partnership with Odeceixe Surf School ensures group sizes are kept to a minimum. An excellent range of beginners’ longboards as well as shortboards are available which are ideal and safe for surfers of all levels. You are free to sample our full range of surfing gear, picking and choosing boards as your surfing progresses and according to your comfort level.

The week will start with an introduction to the ocean on the first day. Our instructors will explain about safety and give you a bit of surfing theory. You begin to develop a relationship with the ocean and our instructor; it’s also an opportunity for the instructor to assess each guest’s surfing level. After this, instructors will choose a surfboard for you based on your height, weight and surfing ability (you’re free to change boards at any time during the week).

Surf lessons are held each morning at one of the three beaches near Tipi Valley. You’ll be picked up from the Walnut Tree Farm by the surf school. As the wind & waves change daily, so we aim to find the beach with the best conditions for you.

Daily lessons of 1.5 hour will be held close to shore mostly. You’ll surf as a group in a designated flagged area set up by the instructor each day, to maximise group safety.

After a nice picnic lunch in the afternoon, you are encouraged to free surf with your fellow guests, practice and expand on all you’ve learned in the morning class.


Practising yoga and learning how to focus thoughts and balance the body will not only help your surfing. It will also increase your flexibility, strength and confidence. An example: practicing sun salutations in yoga is a perfect training before jumping on your surfboard, as the movement is similar to “popping up” in surfing.

But yoga is not just about asanas – we are following the complete Yoga science that is based on balancing the body together with the mind, breath and the energy flow. Our teachers are familiar with different yogic styles, like: Asthanga, Hatha, Iangar, Jivamukti, Kundalini, Nindra, Yin. Therefore the practice will be adjusted to the individual needs and the spirit of the group. The morning Vinyasa session will be completed by energising pranayama practice (balancing your breathing rate). In the evening, after surf our teachers will treat you with more restorative practices. You will experience different meditation techniques accompanied by the healing vibration of Tibetan singing bowls. All of that will help you to relax and find a deep peace while sleeping – to get ready for another fascinating day in Portugal.

Practicng Yoga at Walnut Tree Farm is always a very unique experience – particularly as there is no noise and destructions. The peaceful sourrounding of the forest and mountains brings you to a new level of connection. Our yoga shala and meditation platforms are located in the middle of the valley – they overlook the mountains and the forest. It is a beautiful space to begin and end your day. Designed carefully by a great, international team of wood-crafters to allow you take full advantage of this unique space and reconnect with yourself.

When conditions are suitable, we take our mats to one of the local beaches to experience yoga in the fresh sea air. Practice on the beach with the ocean & sunset view is always a delight and gives you a real sense of freedom. We hope that holidays designed in such way will help you to find inner and outer peace.

Thank you for being with us and for joining our little paradise on Earth. Namaste, Amigos!