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Walnut Tree Farm: Yoga & Retreats


Our guests are welcome to book private or group Yoga class with our certificated Yoga teacher and therapist Weronika who lives at the Walnut Tree Farm.

mobile/whatsapp: +351 920549301

Walnut Tree Farm is currently preparing the program for retreats with Yoga, Meditation and ecological life-style that we are going to announce soon. The main focus of the retreat is to purify the body and the mind from the blockages located in 

- physical body (back pain, headache, obesity, pain in the joints, etc.) 

- mind (fears, depression, laziness, stress, addiction, insomnia, etc.)

General idea for the retreats:
- Yoga and yogic philosophy: respect to the others and yourself, body purification (Asana), mind purification while breathing (Pranayama), balance of thoughts and emotions, Meditation;
- vegan friendly and gluten-free food coming fresh from our organic garden (based on Permaculture and Ayurvedic principles) – gardening as basic meditation technique,
- untouched Nature and silence of the private, carbon neutral valley with drinking water coming from the stream sourrounded by forest, hills with meditation and relaxation spots, lake, hiking paths + stay in the restored eco-friendly old Portuguese farm houses (22hectars of privacy);
- music healing (Tibetan singing bowl and instruments);
- great selection of books, movies, documentaries and teachings as available inspiration;
- Satsang (question & answers), private Yoga sessions, individual coaching and therapies;
- the sky full of starts, Sun and Moon rising and setting in front of You day by day;
- and… The area of Monchique and St. Vicentine Natural Park (west coast beaches) = our home give all kinds of possibilities to actively enjoy the the Nature around: surfing, massage, horse-riding, diving, snorkeling, fishing, “safari” jeep adventures, SUP, kayaking, hiking, bike mountain riding, painting, bird watching, etc.

Full program, dates and prises are going to be announced soon.

About Weronika Maria Kostrzewa:
Born in 1987 in Poland discovered Yoga and Meditation as a teenager at Jagucki’s Studio in Szczecin but fell deeply in love with the practice when she entered Jivamukti Yoga Studio in Berlin in 2013. Weronika became a professional teacher after accomplishing her yogic studies in India at Paramanand Institute by Dr Omanand in 2016.
Weronika is familiar with different Yoga styles (Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Iyengar, etc.) however, in her eyes “Yoga is one” – therefore her chosen practice is based on the traditional Patanjali Yoga Sutras. With her therapeutic guidance, Yoga and Meditation can be powerful tools in managing health issues such as depression, fears, back pain, obesity, headache, asthma, addictions, insomnia and others. Weronika’s biggest life&work inspirations come from the life at the Ocean and direct ancient Tibetan, Nepali and Indian teachings such as Mahamudra (powerful advanced meditation techniques). “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”